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Here is a list of my Eric Clapton albums that I bought over the last few years.
Latest Update : 27th December 2018
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Front Cover Title Record Company Year
24 Nights 24 Nights Reprise Records 1991
461 Ocean Boulevard 461 Ocean Boulevard Polygram 1974
Another Ticket Another Ticket Montgrove Management Ltd 1981
August August Warner Bros 1986
Back Home Back Home Reprise Records 2005
Backless Backless Polygram 1978
Backtrackin' Backtrackin' Polygram 1984
Ballads Ballads Reprise Records 2003
Behind The Sun Behind The Sun Warner Bros 1985
Best Of The Yardbirds Best Of The Yardbirds Castle Music Ltd 1999
Blind Faith Blind Faith Polygram 1969
Blues Blues Polygram 1999
Blues Power Blues Power Carlton Home Entertainment Ltd 1996
Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton Polygram 1966
Chronicles Chronicles Reprise Records 1999
Clapton Clapton Reprise Records 2007
Complete Clapton Complete Clapton Reprise Records 2007
Crossroads Crossroads Polygram 1988
Crossroads 2 Crossroads 2 Polygram 1996
Disraeli Gears Disraeli Gears Polygram 1967
EC Was Here E.C. Was Here Polygram 1975
Eric Clapton with Yardbirds and Jimmy Page E.C. with Yardbirds & Jimmy Page Delta Music 1994
Eric Clapton Eric Clapton Polygram 1970
Eric Clapton & Friends Going For A Song Unknown
Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds Going For A Song Unknown
Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds - Draggin' My Tail Classic Sound Inc Unknown
Experience Experience Prestige Records 1996
Experience 2 Experience 2 Prestige Records 1996
Fresh Cream Fresh Cream Polygram 1966
From The Cradle From The Cradle Reprise Records 1994
Goodbye Goodbye Polygram 1969
Happy Xmas Happy Xmas Bushbranch Records / Surf Dog Records 2018
I Still Do I Still Do Bushbranch Records / Surf Dog Records 2016
Journeyman Journeyman Reprise Records 1989
Just One Night Just One Night Montgrove Management Ltd 1980
Layla and other Assorted Love Songs Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs Polygram 1970
Live At The Fillmore Live At The Fillmore Polygram 1970
Live Cream Live Cream Polygram 1970
Live Cream Volume 2 Live Cream Volume 2 Polygram 1972
Me And Mr. Johnson Me And Mr. Johnson Reprise Records 2004
Money And Cigarettes Money And Cigarettes Warner Bros 1983
No Reason To Cry No Reason To Cry Polygram 1976
Old Sock Old Sock Bushbranch Records 2013
One More Car, One More Rider One More Car, One More Rider Reprise Records 2002
Pilgrim Pilgrim Reprise Records 1998
Rainbow Concert Rainbow Concert Polygram 1973
Retpile Reptile Reprise Records 2001
Retail Therapy Retail Therapy Reprise Records 1997
Riding With The King Riding With The King Reprise Records 2000
Sessions For Robert J Sessions For Robert J Reprise Records 2004
Slowhand Slowhand Polygram 1977
Stages Stages Polygram 1998
Strickly The Blues Strickly The Blues Castle Communications 2000
The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale Surfdog 2014
The Cream Of Clapton The Cream Of Clapton Polygram 1994
The Early Clapton Collection The Early Clapton Collection Castle Communications 1988
The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions MCA Records 1989
The Road To Escondido The Road To Escondido Reprise Records 2006
There's One In Every Crowd There's One In Every Crowd Polygram 1975
Time Pieces Time Pieces Polygram 1982
Time Pieces 2 Time Pieces 2 - Live In The Seventies Polygram 1985
Unplugged Unplugged Reprise Records 1992
Very Best Blues & Ballads Storm Records 1999
Wheels Of Fire Wheels Of Fire Polygram 1968