Blue Eyes Blue Produced by Rob Cavallo 4:42
Change The World Produced by Babyface 3:55
My Father's Eyes Produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie 5:24
Tears In Heaven Produced by Russ Titelman 4:33
Layla (Unplugged Version) Produced by Russ Titelman 4:37
Pretending Produced by Russ Titelman 4:43
Bad Love Produced by Russ Titelman 5:14
Before You Accuse Me Produced by Russ Titelman 3:57
It's In The Way That You Use It Produced by Tom Dowd and Eric Clapton 4:11
Forever Man Produced by Ted Templeman and Lenny Waronker 3:11
Running On Faith Produced by Russ Titelman 6:26
She's Waiting Produced by Phil Collins 4:58
River Of Tears Produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie 7:21

(I) Get Lost

Produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie 4:21
Wonderful Tonight (Live Edit) Produced by Russ Titelman 5:24



Rating : 10/10

24 July 2006

This is easily the best Clapton CD to get if your just getting into his modern stuff. This CD, along with 1994's The Cream Of Clapton, will give you a great oversight into his career! Blue Eyes Blue is a brilliant song, and in my opinion it is worth buying the CD just to hear it! There isn't a bad song on this album IMO, but buy Unplugged to get his the full force of that album! As a previous reviewer said, a must buy indeed!


Sebastian Bosch

Rating : 9/10

18 September 2005

Acoustic, electric, drum machine, live, hits, new songs, ballads, it has this and much more take a journey with this album with EC and his taste of music.


Michael Wheeler

Rating : 10/10

14 August 2003

This is a CD chocked full of his more recent classics and needs to be in every EC fans collection. Blue eyes blue is one of his better acoustic songs of his career. It is on par with "Tears in Heaven" and "If I could change the World" Just that song alone makes the CD worth purchasing.
I got lost is another song that appears on this CD that doesn't appear on any other EC albums.
I got lost is strong, but not as strong as some of his more recent numbers. If you have no recent albums by EC or you simply want his latest hits this is a good CD to buy. Enjoy



Rating : 10/10

2 May 2003

This album is such a inspiration to me. I am 17 years old and I love to sing as well as act. My favourite songs on the album are 'Blue Eyes Blue', 'Layla' and the touching 'My Father's Eyes'. As I am only 17 I did not know about Eric's life, but I'm so glad I do now. He has accomplished so much in such a short time, I hope he is proud of what he has accomplished because he should be, to me he is one of the most successful solo artists ever to be born. I would love to sing with Eric Clapton as I think he is so talented. Before I knew about his son Conor, I loved 'My Father's Eyes', but when I did have knowledge that the song was dedicated to his song it only made me love it more because the song shows how Eric was feeling at that time and it's such a beautiful song. I would like to say to Eric that he is such an inspiration to me and that he should never lose faith.


Hong Siong

Rating : 9/10

17 September 2002

This album I had bought nearly two years ago and still give me a good inspiration because I can say that all of his songs is so fabulous. For an example, "My Father's Eyes", "Wonderful Tonight", "Layla", "Forever Man" and many more. Finally I'd like to say to all fans of Eric, please do more support him no matter in singing or producing. Mr Clapton, sing more and hope you could success more on your career, Good Luck!


Edd Manning

Rating : 10/10

19 April 2002

This is a really good album this is a must buy I bought it while I was on holiday. I just couldn't resist it. We have played most of the songs in our band Relasys.

Great album Slowhand, Don't Stop Jammin'



Rating : 5/10

9 February 2002

Let me first say: The songs on this album are all great. Some of the songs are in better versions than on the original albums, but the majority are weak versions on my opinion. Take for example the version of Wonderful Tonight. This is not even the entire song.

Also: If you own 24 Nights the songs from Journeyman and other classics seem extremely "flat" and boring, in these versions. It would be a great idea to create a "EC Greatest: Live" Because his music is best in live concerts.



Rating : 9/10

6 August 2001

This album, The Best of Eric Clapton, is truly an excellent for a younger audience because it gives a great overview of his life works. From the 80s to the 00 we hear the transitions in different genres of music and how Eric deals with his life problems. especially in "Tears in Heaven". For a new audience this album contracts Eric's accomplishments and all that he endures into one great album.


Andrew Powell

Rating : 10/10

20 November 2000

'The Best of Eric Clapton' that's tough to put together on one disc, but they seem to have just managed it with this great compilation. The album picks the best aspects of EC's progression from the last 15 or so years. It shows his change in musical styles, from the Journeyman 'rock' material from the 80's, to the modern 'Change the World' or 'I Get Lost.' The album also contains one of EC's best songs 'Blue Eyes Blue.'

This album would satisfy any music lover and thrill any EC fan....a must buy album.


Jacobo Gomez

Rating : 10/10

9 October 2000

This is the best album for new fans in order to have a good taste about EC's music. For us, it is a review about EC's evolution through blues.