Rainbow Concert

Rainbow Concert - New 1995 Cover

Produced by Jon Astley and Andy Macpherson

* Previously unreleased

Layla * 6:24
Badge 3:18
Blues Power * 5:20
Roll It Over 4:11
Little Wing 4:36
Bottle Of Red Wine * 3:51
After Midnight 4:25
Bell Bottom Blues * 5:26
Presence Of The Lord 5:18
Tell The Truth * 5:52
Pearly Queen 4:55
Key To The Highway * 5:46
Let It Rain * 7:11
Crossroads * 4:18


Mac Routliffe

Rating : 9/10

3 December 2005

A re-affirmation to so many of EC's talent and durability. He has provided so much direction to so many musicians throughout his career and this was a defining moment. Live albums tend only to provide a moment of what each person brings so I feel the collective gave at a time when so much was unclear with EC...There are some shortcomings but it is what it is. History.


John Woodson

Rating : 8/10

24 August 2005

Maybe not the best E.C. for sure but out of collection of more than 5000 albums. I had this originally on 8 track I wore it out from playing it to much. But no big deal I had the album. Many years later I got it autographed by Jimmy Kernstien that played drums on it. I owned a club that had most of my album collection displayed on the walls and he was playing a gig at my club with Steve Pryor (I highly recommend checking him out one of the best unknown guitarist I have every seen) he notice that album and he signed it.


Larry Smith

Rating : 7/10

24 August 2005

I love this C/D my uncle who turned me into a music junkie, told me to keep an eye out for this recording it was rare, only hardcore collectors had it, this is back in the 70's,found it and I'm happy camper, the line up is great Steve Winwood, his old buddy from Blind Faith and Pete Townshend, they used to run in some of the same circles but it wasn't until Hendrix came to London in 1966 that he put a scare in the both of them but then made the guitar more of an instrument to be listened to, Jim Capaldi R.I.P. another member of traffic and a key player with Winwood, Ron wood played with Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck a brilliant guitar player in his own rite, Ron Wood would later go to the Stones and make a big impact on there sound, Rick Grech a sweet Bassist, round this power group out.


Dave Dell'Era

Rating : 8/10

30 August 2004

Badge will send shivers up and down your spine and Eric's voice is perfectly modulated. The last twelve bars of Roll It Over dramatically shows you exactly why there is only one Eric Clapton! A powerful Little Wing showcases incredible backup soloing and fills by an inspired Ron Wood. Pete Townsend's solo in After Midnight actually saves it from a muddy, watery grave. Key To The Highway is an absolute delight. Rick Gretch's bass playing can range from halting and confused to solid and supportive. Jim Capaldi shows why he is a drummer's drummer on all of the cuts. With as many people on stage, I can only imagine how hard this was to record.


Nick Smith

Rating : 9/10

4 July 2003

Some say this was not Clapton at his best, yet you have to take into account the situation, he didn't have much confidence getting in front of a crowd at the time, yet I still think he put out one of his best live performances ever. Unlike many people I feel that the middle of the concert was weakest, the beginning is great with a wonderful "Badge" and one of my favourite versions of "Blues Power", the end is phenomenal with "Key to the Highway" and the best version of "Let it Rain" I think I have ever heard. Then they go into "Crossroads" which is another stunning rendition of the Clapton mainstay. When I found this album in a little bookstore I almost didn't buy it but now I'm glad I did, it has become one of my favourite Clapton albums.


Renato Costagliola

Rating : 8/10

27 February 2001

I think it's difficult to make any comment about this concert without reminding that it had been mainly the effort of Pete Townshend to get Eric back to life. I agree with those saying that it's not Eric at his best, but let's all just remember that listening to the voice of Eric and the sound of Blackie was itself a success. I'm afraid that without the Rainbow Concert we would have probably missed all the great music played by Eric in the following years.


Stephen Hannon

Rating : 7/10

30 September 2000

Its just about Clapton. You can here the natural ability, but the long lay off from public appearances takes its toll, vocals and solos are somewhat restrained in the first half of the album. However confidence improves and the second half of the album is good. The reasonably high rating is due to fascinating listening it makes for, might not be the best sound EC has ever produced but pretty good anyway.

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