Compilation produced by Bill Levenson
Executive producers: Roger Forrester, George McManus, Harry Palmer & Charles Shiddell
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York

Disc 1
Boom Boom 2:25
Honey In Your Hips 2:18
Baby What's Wrong 2:40
I Wish You Would 2:19
A Certain Girl 2:17
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 2:45
I Ain't Got You 1:59
For Your Love 2:29
Got To Hurry 2:35
Lonely Years 3:17
Bernard Jenkins 3:47
Hideaway 3:14
All Your Love 3:34
Ramblin' On My Mind 3:07
Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6:41
Wrapping Paper 2:21
I Feel Free 2:52
Spoonful 6:30
Lawdy Mama 1:50
Strange Brew 2:46
Sunshine Of Your Love 4:10
Tales Of Brave Ulysses 2:46
Steppin' Out


Disc 2
Anyone For Tennis 2:37
White Room 4:56
Crossroads 4:14
Badge 2:43
Presence Of The Lord 4:48
Can't Find My Way Home 3:15
Sleeping In The Ground 2:50
Comin' Home 3:13
Blues Power 3:06
After Midnight 3:17
Let It Rain 5:01
Tell The Truth 3:23
Roll It Over 4:29
Layla 7:07
Mean Old World 3:50
Key To The Highway 6:27


Disc 3
Got To Get Better In A Little While 5:31
Evil 4:25
One More Chance 3:17
Mean Old Frisco 4:02
Snake Lake Blues 3:33
Let It Grow 4:56
Ain't That Lovin You 5:26
Motherless Children 4:51
I Shot The Sheriff 7:48
Better Make It Through Today 4:05
The Sky Is Crying 3:57
I Found A Love 3:38
(When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too 5:34
Whatcha Goona Do 3:01
Knockin' On Heavens Door 4:21
Someone Like You


Disc 4
Hello Old Friend 3:34
Sign Language 2:56
Further On Up The Road 6:18
Lay Down Sally 3:50
Wonderful Tonight 3:42
Cocaine 3:35
Promises 3:00
If I Don't Be There By Morning 4:34
Double Trouble 8:01
I Can't Stand It 4:09
The Shape You're In 4:09
Heaven Is One Step Away 4:09
She's Waiting 4:55
Too Bad 2:37
Miss You 5:05
Wanna Make Love To You 5:43
After Midnight 4:05


Eugene Dumitresu

Rating : 10/10

4 July 2004

If you call yourself a true Clapton "fan" then this set should already be in your collection, however if it is not, BUY IT! It spans almost all of Clapton's career (up till 88) and shows how he has developed over the years. From his days with the Yardbirds where he only played a guitar up till his solo work. It also covers how he has changed over the years from his almost hardcore blues style to more pop-like to straight rock and back to more of the blues feel. This is a must have album and once again, any true Clapton fan should own this. LONG LIVE ERIC CLAPTON


Nick Smith

Rating : 10/10

11 February 2004

This is definitely a must have album for all fans of Clapton. Disc One starts off with great songs by Clapton when he was with the Yardbirds. These are not my favourite songs because I feel as though he is still being restricted. Once you get to the Bluesbreakers songs that restriction is quickly lifted. The highlight here for me is Hideaway were Clapton blasts out some of his best blues licks ever. Disc Two starts off with Anyone For Tennis, a song I hadn't heard before but thought was pleasant. Disc Three and Four are my favourites of the bunch. In Three I love the simple yet elegant touch of Snake Lake Blues, it is beautiful yet full of hard-driven blues guitar. I also like the rhythm of I Found a Love. On Four I think Further on up the Road HAS to be mentioned. it is the best song on the album for me, in fact it is my favourite song by Clapton ever really. the song really lets him move freely and go places he hasn't gone before in other songs on this album. It is also live which makes it ten times better than the other studio track. in fact the only studio track to come close to its great guitar and emotion is Miss You. It is not only very powerful vocally but also with his soloing. he held nothing back on those two songs and it made for some great great music. I only wish this Crossroads would have been more live shows like Crossroads Two. Clapton really should just release a whole lot more live albums, they are no doubt his best work.


Michael Wheeler

Rating : 10/10

14 August 2003

This CD is an overview of His career. I think any EC fan would find this box worthwhile. Since it is long I will hit the highlights.

Disc #1 is the Yardbirds to Cream. There is nothing new here. All of this has been recorded before. Several classics are here for instance "For you Love" the Yardbirds hit.
Disc # 2 has several other Cream standards. It even includes "Comin Home" the one song he sang with Delaney and Bonnie. Sunshine of your love and White Room appear on this CD as well with Crossroads which is still a part of his live show after all these years. On this CD there is also a much "Brassier version of "After Midnight" that had not been released until this box set came out. This Box set has some rare gems that have finally surfaced
Disc #3 Has the lost Derek and the Domino recordings for an album that was never finished.
It is great to hear these recordings. The one that is unfinished is "Got to get better in a little while" I has 6 unfinished songs from that album. Its nice to hear them after all the years they stayed in a vault
Disc #4 has the Budweiser version of "After midnight",  which to me is a better version than the original recording on his first solo album.

There are some real finds on this CD and I recommend it to any EC fan!


Andrew Powell

Rating : 10/10

20 November 2000

This is the ultimate music history lesson. It spans EC's career from the start up till 1988. The album is full of greatest hits, fan favorites and unreleased songs from this amazing period. It has a fantastic Bluesy 'After Midnight' from the Michelob beer commercial in 1988.

From the young hungry guitar player to the Alcohol abused EC of the 70's to the reborn EC of the 80's. It shows the difference between the music styles EC has mastered and the Guitar style and sound developed over his career. This is an amazing boxed set, full of special songs never heard have to get it if you are a true EC fan.