Below are the screensavers that I have got so far. I will be adding more as I find them.

The Following two screensavers were donated from Grace who ran

Name Description Size
Clapton Screensaver Blue A very good screensaver which uses a picture in the background which two other pictures bouncing around the screen 658K
Clapton Screensaver Red A good screensaver which is similar to the blue one above but the pictures don't move. They still change though! 576K



All of the below are thanks to Rich Knapfel for creating and donating them to this site.

Name Description Size
The Reptile Tour Screensaver Various pictures from the Reptile tour programme. 575K
Eric Clapton Screensaver This one uses a series of 6 pictures and shows them on a black background. Simple yet effective.  524K
Eric Clapton Screensaver 2 This is similar to the first with different pictures.
Some good pictures.
Eric Clapton Screensaver 3 This set of 6 pictures are all done in black and white. I think a nice touch to some great pictures. 551K
Eric Clapton Screensaver 4 Same at No 3 but pictures are displayed in random parts of the screen.
Pictures are still in B&W
Eric Clapton Screensaver 5 This one has a midi file playing in the background. The Music is "Layla". I think an all round good screensaver. 579K

Eric Clapton Screensaver 6

This is a set of color pictures being displayed like the others BUT has a link at the bottom of the screen to this site!