Interviews & Articles


Interviewee Interviewer Date Comment
Eric Clapton NPR 18 October 2007 Taken from
Eric Clapton Larry King 12 October 2007 Transcipt from CNN website
Eric Clapton Dan Fleschner 9 October 2007 Taken from
Lee Dickson Rick Landers 20 June 2004 Taken from Strat
Eric Clapton Paul Jones (JazzFM) 21 February 2004 Recorded directly from JazzFM
(NOTE : 28MB Download)
Eric Clapton Mike Hrano December 2000 The Mike Hrano Interview - Taken from Tour Guide
Eric Clapton AOL Online Chat 24 July 2000 AOL's Transcipt (His first online chat!)
Lory Del Santo Sunday Mirror May 2000 Taken from newspaper (Read this!)
Eric Clapton 60 Minutes Interview 5 April 1998 From Australian TV includes RealAudio clips
Eric Clapton Stern Magazine 19 February 1998 Interview with Eric about the album "Pilgrim"
Eric Clapton Larry King 13 February 1998 Transcript from 1 hour special interview
Eric Clapton Press Release 1995 Warner Bros transcript about "From The Cradle"
Eric Clapton Sir David Frost June 16, 1994 Transcript from TV interview
Eric Clapton John Pidgeon 1994 Take from the "From The Cradle" tour guide
Eric Clapton N/A 1992 MTV Interview - in RealAudio
Eric Clapton Richard Skinner 3 February 1990 BBC Interview


Title Taken From Date Comment
"Clapton opens up about life, love, music and drugs 9 October 2007 New auto-biography
"A Guitar God’s Memories, Demons and All" New York Times 7 October 2007 New auto-biography
"From sex and drugs to domestic bliss" Telegraph Newspaper 20 August 2005 Married Life
"Clapton Unleashes Hits, Blues Covers For St. Paul 'Farewell'" 30 August 2001 St Paul Concert
"Eric Clapton Rocks His Baby" The Sun 22 August 2001 Eric & Melia's baby
"Clapton Love Has Baby Girl" The Sun  16 June 2001 Eric & Melia's new daughter
"Clapton's Gal Gives Ex-Beau the Blues" Sunday Mirror 7 May 2001 Melia's Ex
"Eric Clapton's Galpal Pregnant" Star Magazine May 2001 Eric & Melia's Baby 
"His Fathers Eyes" Ottawa Citizen Online 26 March 1998 Eric's REAL father and his half-sister
"Rolling Stone - Eric Clapton" Rolling Stone Magazine October 1991 Magazine article
"The Eric Clapton Concert" Rock and Roll Journal 2 Apr 1990 Magazine article