Jacksonville Veterans Mem. Arena, Jacksonville, FL
21st October 2006

Review by : Drew

This show was breathtaking. I was a little worried that I was gonna see just a greatest hits show, wow was i wrong. This show followed the same pattern as the "From the Cradle" shows. I was reading an interview in the local paper about how Clapton thought his fingers couldn't do what they used to, what nonsense. I realized he was just baiting us. The solos for Old Love and pretty much all night were the best I have heard from Clapton as of yet. Derek Trucks is just so great and such an inspiration for me as a guitarist it was , wow. Sum up the night ; The solos the solos the solos. The piano player was pretty smokin' and it all seemed spontaneous
Thanks guys!

Review by : Sharron Carr

AWESOME!!!!! What a joy to witness such talent. EC is truly a legend in our time and for all time to come. The energy exuded was fantastic. Derek Trucks (et al) must feel very special indeed to play in this setting with the great one. This is my very first live EC concert, and I sincerely hope it is not the last. I have been following his career and buying his albums for many years. My opinion has not change after this night.

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