Stockholm Globen, Sweden
29th July 2006

Review by : Stephen

The evening began with an exhilarating set from Robert Cray who showcased his guitar playing and beautiful vocals. The band ran through an interesting collection of numbers including a rather nice reincarnation of Bad Influence. Then after an interlude just long enough to permit a quick smoke, a beer and a visit to the men's room the opening bars of Pretending announced the main event. The stage at the Globe was large enough to accommodate the band, back up singers and brass section quite adequately. Clapton took first honours with a solo during the opening number. His fingers going over some a track he has walked many, many times before. After that the spotlight shifted between the guitarist fairly equally. Highlights included the wonderfully inventive slide work of Derek Trucks who reminded me of Duanne Allman and the fabulous Sonny Landreth and the sheer power of the one Gibson Les Paul played that night. The power and tone of the Les Paul was easily distinguishable from the !
blurred tonality of the Clapton's Fender and really made me wish for Clapton to turn back the years and strap on a Gibson. Who knows maybe someday!
All in all it wasn't a great night of inventive Clapton solos but a well trod path played with aplomb. The band we're tight and well drilled. The drummer and bassist excellent. Keyboards excellent. The song list was pretty much as other shows with a nice acoustic duet featuring Clapton and Trucks which was particularly refeshing. All in all another night with E.C.

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