Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
3rd June 2006

Review by : Rick Nitsche

I was truly looking forward to this concert and was not in the least disappointed. I had read the previous reviews of the concerts here in Europe and was quite happy to see that the individuals who were disappointed were wrong and or misguided. I remember reading a review that said "clinical" I believe what he saw was "tight" and "professional" These guys don't make mistakes, know exactly where each of them is going and are true musicians. I do feel bad for Mr Doyle, next to Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton one might think he is merely average, but that to would be misguided, he was great, and the other two were magnificent. The whole show reminded me of another show I saw some years ago where Jimmy Page played with the Black Crowes. The additional guitarists just add so many layers and frees up the lead guitarist to do all kinds of wonderful things. Watching the three guitarists alternate virtuoso solos was the highlight of the evening. I enjoyed the song selection also Starting with Pretending, going into I'm So Tired, and then the Derek and the Dominoes classic was typical of the wide range of song we would be exposed to the rest of the evening, although the end of the show has been lost due to some red wine consumption, I was quite happy with what I do remember.

Also worthy of note was The Robert Cray Band. An awesome blues set to start the evening, set the tone for what was to come.

All in all a great show, a nice venue, and great people.

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