Royal Albert Hall, England
22nd May 2006

Review by : Dan Loveall

Dear George and Craig,

Clinical and Detached? What concert were you guys at?

I have seen EC about 30 times and I have never had my ears ringing after a Clapton Concert until tonight. Did you guys fall asleep for the endless solos, the interaction between Doyle and Derek. WOW!!!! Clinical and Detached, May he be clinical and detached the rest of the tour. This concert was the best I have ever seen him, the man was on fire, on a mission being pushed by the kid wonder Derek Trucks. Was your review maybe for the wrong night or wrong year. I think your exceptions may have been to high. GOD can only do so much in a night and for me GOD delivered and GOD BLESS HIM.

Review by : Steve Wain

This was the 5th time I had seen EC since Knebworth in 1990, and this was the best yet. Robert Cray was an excellent support and then the atmosphere around 8.30 when EC took to the stage was amazing. Each song was vibrant and performed above the norm, the drummer was superb and EC again showed why he is the best, please tour again.

Review by : George Daville

I have seen Eric at many UK venues but never at the RAH. For me it was an awesome performance, but I do agree with Craig Jackson's comments, that it was clinical and he was detached form the audience.
Everybody jumped their feet in the arena floor when he went into Layla, and stayed standing until the end. Compared to other gigs it did lack that little bit of Eric's magic, or are we all getting older!!! I have been a fan for over 38 years!!!!

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