Sheffield Arena, England
12th May 2006

Review by : Paul Holland

I was a late starter as a Clapton fan. Started playing guitar in 2000, discovered the Blues, Robert Johnson, Howling etc. Collected anything that mentioned Blues in the title. It was impossible not to bump into Eric on the way, from then on I was hooked. I have collected most of his albums and DVD's. So it was with tremendous excitement that I found myself driving south down the M1 to Sheffield Arena. 1930hrs Robert Cray, brilliant. 2045hrs Slowhand himself, on the stage in front of me, it was almost unbelievable and awe inspiring. The band were strange to me, I was used to Steve Gadd and the rest, but I was not to be disappointed. Cocaine was outstanding, so were the usual favourites Layla and Wonderful Tonight, the atmosphere was electric and the acoustic blues were way beyond standard. If there is anyone out there considering going to one of Eric's concerts then I totally recommend it. I will wear my T Shirt with pride and will attend future gigs at every opportunity. !

Crossroads for the encore brought the house down, for all you out there DON'T MISS A CONCERT.

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