Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH
12th July 2004

Review by : J Smith

What an awesome concert; from the opening band to the end, the entire show was fantastic! I could not get enough! The evening flew by so fast. I only wish he was in Columbus for two nights, I would have attended both nights. He really had Nationwide Area rocking. Can't wait for his next tour.

Review by : Dan

I was a little concerned with a Monday night concert but it was awesome. Just like a lot of other reviewers have posted, Clapton played with intensity and it seemed to me he was enjoying playing. I thought the solo on "I shot the sheriff" was phenomenal (and I really don't like the song much). A great song selection and many really, really good guitar licks. My only wish was for him to have played one more Robert Johnson song - Crossroads.

Review by : Tom Turner

This was the 13th time I have seen Eric, and I am more impressed with him each time I see him. No surprises in the set list. It was exactly the same as the one that has been posted for other shows. It was very obvious that he was playing the songs he wanted to play, not all of the ones the "fans" want to hear, and it showed in his comfortable, relaxed demeanour. However, his playing was nothing close to relaxed. To see him play "Got To Get Better In A Little While" was a real treat. To see and hear him play a rendition that was very faithful to how he played it on Derek and the Dominoes Live was a dream come true for this long time plan. His band was stellar. Doyle Bramhall may not be as polished as some of the other guitarist's Eric has had in his stable....but I don't think Eric was looking for polished on this tour.

When Doyle did solo, especially on "Have You Ever Loved A Woman", it was easy to close your eyes and hear the tone of a young E.C. Several times Eric looked at Doyle and smiled his contentment and appreciation, only to be followed by the master setting the youngster straight as to who the real guitar slingers in town was. I thought Doyle did an excellent job with the slide parts during the Robert Johnson tribute. The only.....and I mean only weak part of the show was when Doyle played slide on Layla. The slow part after the break in the song was perhaps the worst I have heard at a Clapton show. I think if Eric just went back to playing his solo on that part it would flow much better. They seemed to be trying to accomplish too much. The addition of Billy Preston's organ really rounded out the sound. If you are a casual fan wanting to see Eric play all his will probably be a bit disappointed with the show. If you are a long time fan of Eric, and want to see him play in a relaxed setting, and playing what he wants to play.....and can get enjoyment out of Eric's pleasure...then pay top dollar and get a good seat.

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