HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY
9th July 2004

Review by : Mitko

WOW. EC was the best. He was very professional, and gave us a great set of songs. The culmination was when he played "Layla", the whole building just exploded. It felt like he had a trust with the audience, and went on to do 8 minute solos in the encore. The encore he had Robert Randolph come out and show us what he can do. The encore had 3 songs and the 15,000 people in the arena went crazy. It was just a great show and I would pay $10,000 to see him again (if I had the money.)

Review by : John

All I have to say is Clapton is sick. I've never seen a person play guitar like that in my life I've seen some pretty good players. Awesome set list, he played old, new, and his big classic. Only one song I wish I could have heard was Crossroads. The solo at the end of I Shot The Sheriff was unreal. When he played the opening riff to Layla I went wild as well as the rest of the crowd.

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