Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
3rd July 2004

Review by : Mark Fuoco

My Dad and i went to the concert. It was great! What a show! His Slowhand is Astonishing! When he played Badge, I thought it was cool, when right in the middle of the song, everything went black for a few seconds, then the sound of the guitar came, then the rest of the song proceeded. That was awesome! I loved it, so did my Dad. I liked the Robert Johnson songs that he sang. And he sang a couple my favourite songs, like wonderful tonight, Badge, Sunshine of Your Love, etc. It was just a great concert!

Review by : Justin

This was my first Eric Clapton concert and all I can say was that I was blown away. Great song selection and he beat my high expectations I set before seeing him. Wonderful Tonight sounded amazing. The "I Shot The Sheriff" solo was incredible. A lot of fun, I will be sure to see him on his next tour. Come back to New England soon!

Review by : S. Menard

I saw Clapton in Albany in 2001 and it was a decent show, this show however was absolutely mind blowing. Clapton was so up for this show and I believe having Randolph on tour with him has Clapton playing at his best. I get chills just thinking about it, the set list was great and it was one of the best versions of "sunshine of your love" I heard in a long time. This was a night to remember, now if I can only get my hands on a copy of this show. Clapton in my opinion is the best guitarist of all time. Thank you EC

Review by : Dom Grasso

Well I've been to about 12 EC concerts in my life and I have to say the last two were disappointing. I can sum it up like this - you cant play half all your blues songs at a concert!! You can sprinkle a few of them throughout the show but not five in a row. You must give the fans what they want to hear not what you want to play - after all half the fun of the show is getting up and singing along etc. Blues songs kind of tough to due that. When he played Cocaine - Layla - Let it rain etc things were good crowd was into it but as soon as the concert got going the blues dampened it again - also show was way to short under 2 hours.

Review by : Charlene

Heart and soul, Mr. Clapton. Heart and soul. This was my fourth show, and Clapton continues to put a smile on my face. Got to hear some damn fine music last night; especially loved hearing "Have You Ever Loved a Woman," and "Kind Hearted Woman," and "I want a Little Girl." Never been a big fan of "I Shot the Sheriff," but Clapton really stomped all over this one. At one point my husband looked over at me and said, "this Man just rocks!" Yea, babe, from the heart. Saw the stools being brought out, figured some blues were coming - SWEET. Loved all five of the songs from Me and Mr. Johnson.

Clapton really looked like he was enjoying himself, and I'm just thrilled to have been part of the audience in 2004.

Review by : Cindy C

What can I say.... Once again Eric Clapton was incredible! He just gets better every time I see him, from the first song, to the encore, he and the band were tight and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves...The opening act- Robert Randolph and The Family Band are not to be missed... It was a beautiful evening for an outdoor show, wish I could get tickets for tonight's show... I'd go again in a heartbeat!

If you have the chance to see this show before the tour ends, don't miss it! Thanks Eric, your words and music have touched my heart and soul for many years, Seeing you last night was the highlight of my summer! Thanks for a wonderful show.

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