Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
26th June 2004

Review by : Jack

Again like a few other reviewers I had never seen Clapton live. My wonderful girlfriend bought me the tickets for my birthday, knowing that there are a few artists I would like to see before they no longer tour. Clapton was high on the list. When it came around he was coming to town she mentioned it, and I jumped on it. I must say that there Robert Randolph is a great showman, and the jam/solos were amazing. He was very fun and entertaining to watch. Then during the break the excitement started to build. Then he walked out on stage and played 'Let it Rain', which happens to be one of my favorite Clapton songs. From that moment on my eyes were fixated on the hands. My girlfriend said she didn't expect me to react the way I did. I was like a little kid with eyes as big as the sky. It was an experience I'll never forget. He played an amazing set. I actually went out and bought 'Backless' for 'Walk Out in the Rain'. Then the interaction between Randolph and Clapton during 'Sunshine' was just great, it was like they were just playing around and having fun. The facial expressions that went back and forth were entertaining and just showed that they truly enjoyed playing. In total I couldn't have expected more from this concert, it was a great time. Entertaining, amazing, and yes CLAPTON IS GOD!

Thanx again Mare! Luv You!

Review by : Mike

Having never seen Eric in concert, I only had the reviews I had read to go by and the 2001 tour DVD I had bought on Amazon. The concert was AMAZING. I was very impressed with Robert Randoph. He complimented Eric's Show in a very positive way. His rendition of Voodoo Child was exceptional (would have liked to see him try to play the pedal steel with his teeth in true Hendrix fashion JUST KIDDING!!!) Eric opened with Let it Rain and blew the house away. This was truly a musicians concert as the cameras were constantly on Eric and his hands, and the other members of the band and their actions. As usual his band was amazing with hats off to his piano player (not sure if it was Chris Stainton or Tim Carmon ) but the solos were AMAZING. His acoustic tribute to Robert Johnson made you feel you were in a small blues club in Memphis with intimate solos and quirky nuances gave even the most main stream Clapton fan an appreciation of Eric's roots. His rendition of Badge had the stadium on its feet and I shot the sheriff took the crowd to new levels. His encores of Sunshine of your love and Got My Mojo Working rounded out the evening putting the finishing touches on his classic cream and love of the blues concert. He played for over 1 hour and 45 minutes straight, with an amazing encore, and in true Philly style the crowd booed when the lights came up instead of more music. (Sheesh 105 minutes with no break what do we want????) Thank you Eric for giving this long time fan a true taste of concert history.

Review by : Curt Melhorn

Having never seen Clapton in concert before I was anxious to hear how the songs would sound live. It was a great show, opening with Let It Rain and ending with Got My Mojo Working, the entire show held the fans captivated. My personal highlights were Walk Out in the Rain from "Backless" and the electric version of Layla. The transition from Cocaine to Layla will be in my memory for quite a while. Clapton did a excellent version of I Shot the Sheriff and the opening act, Richard Rudolph, was not disappointing. I'm glad I finally got to see one of the true rock 'n roll legends.

Review by : Damien

Excellent show!! I cant believe he played "Got To Get Better In A Little While" from the Derek days and "Walk Out In The Rain" from the Backless album. A couple months already into the tour and he was fresh and energetic.

I have seen Eric 7 times now and he's still has what it takes. A great set and a great show!

Review by : Mark

Absolutely incredible show!!! From the opening chords of "Let It Rain", to the searing rendition of "Got My Mojo Working" as his finale, the mix of the old and the "new" (if you want to call covers of Robert Johnson tunes "new") was absolutely vintage Clapton. Backed by a very tight ensemble, which also were allowed to showcase their individual talents, EC was able to blow out blistering guitar leads, especially on classics such as "I Shot the Sheriff", "Cocaine", and "Sunshine of Your Love". The mix of older and newer songs was quite refreshing, and in his performance, "Slow Hand" he wasn't. The only knock on the show was that Clapton didn't play long enough; the total time he was on-stage was right at 2 hours, yet the way he played in Philly on this night, 4 hours probably wouldn't have been enough. Yep, no Britney Spears lip-sync bullshit here!!!!!

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