Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC
19th June 2004

Review by : Rolfe Neigenfind

This was an incredible show... From the opening 'Let it Rain' to the duo closer "Sweet Home Chicago" with Jimmy Vaughn... Clapton is truly 'God'... You might have noticed over the years how Clapton has mellowed a little in his playing and otherwise... Not at this concert, let me tell you... He was playing in my opinion, the best he ever has.. He was playing like he was 20 again, except very polished, he was pulling off riffs that were incredible... Eric Clapton, thanks for the wonderful show.

Review by : Jamie Rhodes

Wow.....Great performance, My wife and I loved every minute! Eric Rocks..."Let it rain", "Badge", "Layla" and all the other good ones! Man....If I could play half that good, I think I'd quit my day job.

We will always remember this concert! I can't wait to see him Rock in concert once again!!!!!

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