Crossroads Guitar Festival, Dallas, TX
5th June 2004

Review by : Bill

Gosh I was at the entire weekend flying in from Canada. The entire weekend was amazing and certainly there were many many highlights. I think one of the biggest highlights though was Saturday when Jimmie Vaughn, Hubert Sumlin, Robert Randolph, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and Eric were all on stage together. what a magical moment. seconded only by Sunday when Eric was on stage with bb king, buddy guy, John Mayall and Jimmie Vaughn. the concert was amazing, Clapton played on stage with Santana, JJ Cale, Jeff Beck and of course has his own amazing set as well.

The only thing that came close to this was the concert we just say on July 7th in Toronto which was Eric supported by Robert Randolph and the family band!

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