The Point, Dublin, Ireland
23rd April 2004

Review by : Karl

Not long home from the concert in Dublin last night and I can tell you that it's unlikely The Point Theatre has ever witnessed such genius and class before. Eric performed exactly as one would expect; with power, authority and sheer brilliance. Amazing renditions of 'Have You Ever Loved A Woman', 'I Shot the Sheriff' and 'Layla' were complemented perfectly by the likes of 'Kind Hearted Woman Blues' (One of my favourites) and the forever beautiful 'Wonderful Tonight'. To top it all, an epic encore performance of 'Sunshine Of Your Love' with the very talented support of Robert Randolph on steel guitar, left me walking back along the city streets knowing that I may never see the like again.

This was my first Clapton concert and maybe I'm getting a little carried away but to see this living legend 'in the flesh' do his thing with such virtuosity was a great and unforgettable pleasure. Thanks Eric.

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