Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium
9th April 2004

Review by : Erwin

On Good Friday God was in Antwerp. The show started a little bad with "Let it rain". But after that it was a climax. The band he's now playing with is very strong. Sometimes young Doyle gives lessons to Eric but the master is very alert. I think it's the best concert since the 80's I'v seen. Thank you, Billy and Chris for the professionalism. Steve, one of the best drummers and Nathan in great shape. The background vocals we're in her place. The new songs from "Mr Johnson" gave the blues the right place. It wasn't boring at all. From Wonderful tonight the public was baptised. The closing of the show with a heart stunning cocaine and sunshine first class. His voice was superb and the sound very good. Got My Mojo Working also! See the show if it comes near you.

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