Zenith D'Auvergne, Cournon, France
26th March 2004

Review by : DSP

The room: I had bought a place in the floor, and I found myself placed very well: second row slightly on the left, to 4 or 5 meters of the microphone. How EC is often turned of this part, it was perfect!!!!

First Part: The first part started with 20h, "Robert Randolph & The Family Band" > RR and the 3 other members of the group which accompanies it: Bass, Drums, Organ. VERY impressive!!! That made a long time that I did not hear of first so good part. With the "steel guitar", RR is a genius, everyone in the room was disconcerted. Especially when it made us "Voodoo Chile" instrumental!!!!.

The Show: The show started at 21h. Vis-a-vis with the scene: Eric in front of in the middle, Doyle Bramhall II front on the left, Nathan East in front of on the right, the 2 chorus-singers (Michelle John & Sharon White) in front of but in the extreme left, Steve Gadd behind in the middle on an estrade of approximately one meter, behind on the left on small an estrade Billy Preston, and behind in the extreme right-hand side, Chris Stainton. The concert started with "Let It Rain", after the surprise (which was not
for those which examined the setlist of Barcelona), initial reaction A was:

Doyle Bramhall plays badly! It thus missed the first 3 titles by the concerts, the catastrophe will be on "Bell Bottom Blues"! I must acknowledged that I suffered much, EC. also considering the few tics which I could surprise on his face. But as of the moment or Doyle passed to the slide, that changed, and there... It was perfect!!!! It is certainly with the grinding of the formation and round. In the rediscovery kind, "Walk Out In The Rain" was perfect, very good readjustment at the same time close to the VO of the album "Bakcless" and dynamics and modern (not played in concert since the American round of 1979). The intro of "I Shot The Sheriff" changed, it starts by an instrumental verse, before enchainer on the song. The title is very swinguant, it seems that Eric is successful has redynamiser this title which he plays since so much a long time that one could expect a lassitude of his share to play it. The titles of the new album are very very well. With the dynamic and faithful time. On "They' Re Red Hot", everyone made a solo, except..... EC.. But the top of the evening with "Got To Get Better In A Little While arrived"!!!!!! SPLENDID!!!!!!! Difficult to describe what I heard, but I did not return from there! Especially for a title that Eric did not play since 1971!! I can to only say you to appreciate well when you will be with the concert. If not, that to say continuation..... The "traditional" titles were very well, without anything private individual, but it is clear that it is in the BLUES that EC. but in value its talent, that is on "Kind Hearted Woman Blues", "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" or "I Want A Little Girl", Clapton is really GOD!!!! He made us particularly successful solos; lights, Nets, concise, going to essence with a great virtuosity. But it should be recognized that it also made some pellets, but as it is Clapton, everyone forgives him..... For the final one, all the group, with Robert Randolph, gave pleasure on "I Got My Mojo Working" with one is delirious of solo of all the with dimensions ones, it was brilliant. In short, I left happy the concert. How each time at the exit of one in its concert, if I had had one of my guitars in hand I could have played all during the night so much I were excited!!

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