Live In Hyde Park - Video

Live In Hyde Park

Directed by Julia Knowles
Executive Producer - Harley Goldsmith C.B.E.

Approximate Running Time : 90 Minutes

Hoochie Coochie Man
I Shot The Sheriff
It Hurts Me Too
Wonderful Tonight
Five Long Years
Tearin' Us Apart
Old Love
I'm Tore Down
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
White Room
Every Day I Have The Blues
Holy Mother



Rating : 10/10

20 March 2002

I Shot The Sheriff solo just about made me cry! This is a must to see and have. Get the DVD if you can as it's got 2 extra songs that are not on the video.


Brent Hutchinson

Rating : 10/10

6 January 2002

Wow, Oh my god...did you hear that? Faint!!!

This concert was truly a work of art, and to think that each and every solo was off the top of Eric's head. True genius. I shot the sheriff was amazing and I must put a similar version in my set. God Bless this man.  And did you pay any attention to the drummer. Wow!!


Evan Bloomer

Rating : 10/10

1 August 2001

The man can PLAY! "I Shot The Sheriff" blew me away. The second solo on "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" was so good. A great video for any Clapton fan.


Grant Richardson

Rating : 10/10

25 June 2001

Clapton at his best (as usual) The solos on "I Shot The Sheriff" and "Old Love" were amazing. It was a fantastic show and i couldn't not rate it as a ten!


Mike Holmes

Rating : 10/10

8 April 2001

I must say that I was expecting a good but not great concert...BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!

Anyway I loved the feel of the concert mainly the outdoors setting which I am not used to. I enjoyed the band except the bassist. He is no Nathan East but he was okay. I thought the sound quality was good and I enjoyed the camera angles a lot. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a real honest to god gritty concert. The songs are great my personal favorites are "I Shot The Sheriff", "Tore Down", and "Five Long Years", man I loved that song but I cannot forget the encore which was amazing and I great way to end it.

Overall I say buy this at all costs, try to find it on DVD though


Matt Cole

Rating : 9/10

5 January 2001

I remember waiting ages for Eric to come on stage. I went to this concert with 2 "Who" fans and 1 Dylan fan. By the time Eric was on, my friends had split (their loss). So I was on my own but I didn't care. The song that I love best has to be "Holy Mother". I love the build up to the guitar solo along with the gospel singers harmonizing  with Eric.


Kay Chandler

Rating : 8/10

26 November 2000

This was another video that I had to have, and I'm glad I persisted. Having watched the original concert on pay-for-view (that was a bit pricey!), I assumed that there would be nothing new to me, but I was wrong. It's interesting to see the movement of the sun into the late afternoon/evening at the concert and especially to sneak a peek at the interactions of Eric with the other performers. Katie & Tessa are having a great time and EC looks smashing in the tight jeans and leather jacket. The best part of these live videos is getting to hear his sincere comments to the crowd; to imagine that this man actually gets nervous before a show; unreal. It was wonderful that he included my all-time favorite of his, 'have you ever loved a woman', even though it is done in a completely new style -- I'd characterize it as blues with a dash of pop... he was doing quite a bit of live performing in this era and it is so nice to have it on tape to look back on when his outings are a bit more scarce, as they are at this time. holy mother was wonderful, as always, if you keep your eyes closed; I thought the imported choir was a bit more than I'd have done, but I'm sure it was a thrill for the singers.

Overall, a nice record of a wonderful day; fun to replay it in your mind. Enjoy!


Martin Whitaker

Rating : 9/10

24 October 2000

Only one thing to say about this concert......I wish I'd been there. Starts off, slightly shakily (but what concert doesn't), with an acoustic version of "Layla", on which he uses his trademark Martin which sounds awesome. After that the band never look back. Watch out for the amazing bluesy cover of "I Shot the Sheriff" and EC laying down some superb adlib soloing on near enough every song.

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