A.R.M.S. Concert

A.R.M.S. Concert

Filmed in 1983 at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Guitar, Vocals : Jeff Beck
Guitar, Vocals : Eric Clapton
Drums, Percussion : Ray Cooper
Keyboard : James Hooker
Keyboard : Tony Hymas
Drums : Kenny Jones
Vocals : Ronnie Lane
Guitar : Jimmy Page
Drums : Simon Phillips
Bass : Fernando Saunders
Keyboard : Chris Stainton
Drums : Charlie Watts
Vocals, Keyboard, Mandolin : Steve Winwood
Bass : Bill Wyman
Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals : Andy Fairweather Low

Part I
Everybody Oughta Make A Change
Rita Mae
Lay Down Sally
Rambling On My Mind
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Road Runner
Slowhand Sundown
Take Me To The River
Gimme Some Lovin'


Part II
Star Cycle
Pump (the pump)
Led Boots (intro only)
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Hi Ho Silver Lining
Who's To Blame
City Sirens
Stairway To Heaven
Tulsa Time
Goodnight Irene


Tom Stone

Rating : 10/10

19 October 2006

I just came across the tape again. Any time you can get the original rolling stones rhythm section together with EC, you should expect quality music.
Amazing! The video quality is poor by today's standards, but the music is KILLER.


Mark Patterson

Rating : 10/10

22 April 2005

This is the best of Britain doing what the best men in the world do. Doing something to help save another human's life. I thought we were all freaks and no counts. This shows how public opinion sucks. I remember back in the 60's and we were all coming into our freak flag existences. Damn, what a hay=day the press had with our "types". And those fucking musician from England and far away places like that, coming to America to poison the minds of the American youth. Sure looks like the American youth could learn a thing or 2 about what it is to be a real person. To see the "Beethoven's" of the 20th Century together doing something trying to save their friend's life and the lives of many other in years to come, can only be a spectacle of goodness in this world. Right on to all those who contributed their art to this effort. M Patterson...Dallas Texas USA



Rating : 10/10

8 July 2004

Ultimate live Concert! Shame about the poor VHS & now terrible Brazil DVD recordings now available! Only we British could fail to reissue it on C.D. & D.V.D. I am prepared to pay serious money for a high quality soundtrack. W.H.Y. ?

Ditto for Night of the Guitars 1 (Yes One!)



Rating : 10/10

17 December 2003

I was there at the Albert Hall to watch this, and it was great to see all the players having such a good time. I was lucky enough to meet Jeff and Jimmy before the concert, Jimmy was very frail, both were very polite and Jeff was in good spirits. For me the band was cooking at its hottest with Clapton and Stevie Winwood just great. As for Jimmy I thought he was over blown.



Rating : 10/10

7 August 2003

I love Beck.  I love Clapton.  I loved the whole show and all the great performers. BUT!!

I'm absolutely AMAZED that these last 2 reviews didn't mention Jimmy Page who was not only the highlight onstage but with the audience as well.

Why are people so afraid to admit that Jimmy Page was the star of the show, and many shows thereafter???  The musicians on stage obviously thought so. They saved him for last. And they all were watching him closely during the jams. Incredible!

And after what he was going through was an incredible and inconceivable tragedy.  This was his FIRST time back on a live stage since the death of John Bonham and the end of Led Zeppelin, his band, his baby, his obsession.  All eyes on stage and in the crowd were on him! You'll have to admit that! But, sadly, all we hear from these last 2 tired reviewers are "ohhh Jeff Beck did Hi Ho Silver Lining....WOW!!" and "I remember a song by Page...". Disgraceful.  I just cannot believe it.

People aren't scared of Jimmy Page because of any of those stupid occult rumours, no. People are scared of Page because they love him. They're just too chicken-shit to admit it.  And that's a crying shame. The man deserves better.


Apolo Ochoa

Rating : 10/10

9 March 2002

I saw this video in 1989, from then, I do remember a song played by Jimmy Page, his first, a little blues, that put to every people in the sky, it was fantastic.....


Raymond Walton

Rating : 10/10

27 May 2001

I was actually at this concert in 1983, it was a great night with some very tasteful moments I recall, Jeff Beck did Hi Ho Silver Lining, a special treat as he has largely ignored this numbers existence, apart from the royalties I imagine, but it was really cool actually, he actually was brilliant, Cozy Powell, sadly now diseased, on drums, and also sadly a touching appearance of Ronnie Lane at the end.

Clapton was stonking, nuff said.
Charles & Di were there as well, a great night, and Clapton without a beard for the 1st time in years.

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